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Gege Nakihito

I am Gege Nakihito, the enigmatic creator lurking behind the shadows of the this website. While I may prefer the comforts of anonymity, my work has ventured far beyond the realm of obscurity. It is a pleasure to invite you into the cryptic corridors of my mind, where stories of darkness and the supernatural find their voice.
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The name "Jujutsu Kaisen" (呪術廻戦) has its own meaning in Japanese. "呪術" (Jujutsu) translates to "cursed technique" or "sorcery," highlighting the central theme of the manga. "廻戦" (Kaisen) can be translated as "battle" or "fight," emphasizing the intense combat sequences that punctuate the story. Together, the title encapsulates the struggle between curses and the sorcerers who battle them.