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JJK 239: Itadori Yuji’s New Awakening of The Cursed Technique

jjk 239 hints

In the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna’s prowess is truly on display. As the previous chapter wrapped up, Sukuna began to revert to his original body. Fans were eagerly waiting to see the full extent of his power, and Chapter 238 didn’t disappoint, showcasing Sukuna’s full might in his clash with Kashimo.

Recap: The Epic Battle and Yuji’s Transformation

Sukuna’s long-awaited true form left fans awestruck and expectant. The chapter delivered, with Sukuna fiercely battling Kashimo, revealing the depth of his capabilities.

Kashimo’s defeat was predictable, but what came next was not. Yuji Itadori, accompanied by Hiromi Higuruma, entered the fray. This marked a pivotal moment as Yuji, for the first time, wielded his Cursed Technique.

Yuji’s Evolution: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Initially, Yuji was portrayed as an ordinary young man, albeit with remarkable physical abilities. His journey into the world of sorcery began when he met Megumi and later consumed Sukuna’s finger, bestowing upon him immense power. While his growth was exponential, especially after training with Gojo at Tokyo Jujutsu High, fans noted Yuji’s lack of a cursed technique – unlike peers Megumi and Nobara.

The speculation was that Yuji would eventually awaken his Cursed Technique, influenced by the power of Sukuna, whom he harbored.

Sukuna’s Influence: Blessing or Curse?

While housing Sukuna brought considerable challenges for Yuji, it also provided unparalleled combat experiences. Sukuna’s sheer will to survive also offered a protective shield around Yuji. Most notably, however, was the anticipated melding of Sukuna’s cursed techniques into Yuji.

Yuji’s Awakening: Merging of Powers

Yuji, destined to confront and defeat Sukuna, now possesses the very tools to do so. Observant fans noticed subtle changes in Yuji’s appearance, particularly his hands, hinting at the integration of Sukuna’s cursed technique. As Yuji’s understanding and control over this newfound power grow, so will his battle prowess. His evolution is further accelerated by observing Sukuna, a master of these techniques, in action.

Yuji’s Potential: How Mighty Can He Become?

While Yuji may not currently be the most formidable sorcerer, this battle sets the stage for his dramatic development. Given his intrinsic connection to Sukuna’s powers and their shared cursed techniques, Yuji might possess unique resistances, making him an ideal adversary for Sukuna. As the story unfolds, fans can anticipate witnessing Yuji’s ascendancy, culminating in a showdown that could redefine power dynamics in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

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