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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 237 Release Date & Spoilers

jujutsu Kaisen chapter 237

Jujutsu Kaisen fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 236, and it’s safe to say that this chapter delivers a mix of emotions. In the chapters leading up to this release, we witnessed the epic showdown between two of the strongest characters in the series, Gojo and Sukuna.

For the past 10-15 chapters, readers have been treated to the rare spectacle of Gojo going all-out in a battle against a formidable opponent. While Gojo may not have been Gege Akutami’s favorite character, he undeniably held a vital role in the story’s development.

As many fans expected, the outcome of this battle was not in Gojo’s favor. It’s important to note that in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, the narrative doesn’t revolve around Gojo, despite his incredible strength.

The latest chapter, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236, takes us on an unexpected journey. Here’s a summary of what transpires:

Afterlife Conversation: The chapter begins with an intriguing scene in the afterlife, where Gojo is engaged in a conversation with Geto. While Geto appears cheerful, Gojo is less than pleased, describing the situation as “awful.” They discuss Gojo’s feelings, with Gojo hoping it’s all just imagination. Geto, however, brushes off the significance.

Gojo mentions that he had already told his students that when someone dies, they are alone. Geto asks about Sukuna, to which Gojo admits that Sukuna was indeed the strongest. Surprisingly, Gojo even questions whether he could have defeated Sukuna without Megumi’s Ten Shadow technique. Geto expresses his surprise at Gojo’s admission.

Gojo emotionally reflects on his efforts and talents, hoping he gave it his all. He expresses sympathy for Sukuna, who couldn’t give his all against him. Geto believes Sukuna would have been satisfied just seeing Gojo’s full power, but Gojo wishes he had Geto’s support during the fight.

Nanami and Habarai Join the Conversation: Unexpectedly, the next page reveals Nanami and Habarai sitting on a bench behind Geto and Gojo. Gojo expresses his satisfaction at not succumbing to illness or old age but rather dying in battle against the strongest. Nanami comments on Gojo’s statement, comparing him to a samurai general.

Nanami recalls a conversation with Geto about leaving all the responsibilities to Gojo, as Gojo views Jujutsu as a means to satisfy himself rather than as a way to protect or help others. Habarai chimes in, and they all acknowledge Gojo’s nature, though no one had said it out loud. Nanami feels sympathy for Gojo, which Gojo appreciates.

Gojo discusses the sensation of dying and asks Nanami about his thoughts on the matter. Nanami recalls a conversation with Mei, who suggested two choices when facing death: going north to find a new path or going south to stay true to oneself. Nanami chose the south, thanks to Haibara, who smiles proudly in response.

The next two pages depict Gojo bidding farewell to everyone, including Yaga, who is nearby. Geto laughs, and Nanami and Habarai smile. Riko, the star plasma vessel, and her caretaker Kuroi also join in the smiles as the emotional flashback concludes.

Gojo’s Fate Revealed: The next double spread confirms Gojo’s fate as it shows his upper body lying on the ground, confirming his death. Despite this, Gojo appears satisfied with his final moments.

Sukuna’s Explanation: Sukuna explains that Mahoraga’s adaptation is the key. When Mahoraga gets hit, it gradually adapts to attacks over time, becoming faster at adapting with each attack. Sukuna anticipated that Mahoraga could overcome Gojo’s infinity. Mahoraga adapted to Gojo’s infinity and changed the Cursed Energy to neutralize it. Mahoraga’s attack targets not just Gojo but the entire space around them.

In the midst of this explanation, Yuta and Maki prepare for battle.

Sukuna concludes by acknowledging Gojo’s strength and expresses satisfaction with the outcome. Gojo’s lower body remains standing as the world or space is cut.

Kashimo Enters the Battle: The chapter ends with Kashimo entering the battle, and Sukuna says, “Don’t Let Me Down.” Thunder God, Hajime Kashimo, has arrived.

Final Thoughts: Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236 offers an unexpected turn of events, with Gojo’s death being a pivotal moment. While fans may have hoped for a different outcome, Gojo’s farewell and Sukuna’s explanation add depth to the story. The narrative is set to move forward, with characters preparing to confront Sukuna, especially Yuji, the main character.

With Gojo’s role in the series coming to a close, it will be exciting to see how Gege Akutami continues to develop the remaining characters and the overarching plot of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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