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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 37 Review

JJK Season 2 EPisode 37

“Red Scale” perfectly encapsulates the tempo and narrative style I relish in intense combat arcs, akin to Jujutsu Kaisen’s Shibuya Incident Arc. Apart from a fleeting introduction asserting Inumaki’s presence, the episode singularly focuses on Yuji’s confrontation with the vengeful curse, Choso. Recalling the team’s earlier face-off with Choso’s siblings, Kezichu and Eso — one of the series’ most gripping encounters — this showdown carries weight. While Nanami’s takedown of the Sword-Handed antagonist was captivating, this battle is charged with emotional significance. The arc benefits from such depth, perfectly complementing its style with meaningful content.

That said, the style is undeniably impeccable.

It’s tough to critique this episode in traditional storytelling terms like character development, thematic depth, or plot progression because “Red Scale” largely revolves around ambiance, intensity, and sheer visual appeal. A memorable moment arises when Yuji’s revelation about Choso’s brothers’ last moments amplifies Choso’s fury. The episode, in essence, is a rhythmic dance of aggression and spectacle — and it’s brilliantly executed.

While I’m usually hesitant to label scenes as “the best” in my reviews, the action in “Red Scale” certainly ranks among the most remarkable moments Jujutsu Kaisen has showcased. The “camera” fluidly captures every movement, and the characters’ animations are sharp and dynamic. The combat choreography, with Choso’s blood techniques clashing with Yuji’s direct combat style, is visually enthralling, and the accompanying music is equally impactful.

In short, it’s exhilarating to watch. The episode’s brilliance also lies in its dedicated portrayal of the fight, allowing it to stand as its own mini-story. There’s no diversion, no background subplots, and minimal filler. Although I usually find added narration a tad unnecessary, even that couldn’t diminish the episode’s splendor.

Lastly, let’s address the episode’s conclusion. Maybe I overlooked a crucial detail, but Yuji’s sudden intrusion into the seemingly fabricated memories of an adversary, convincing them of a close bond, left me puzzled. Is this a hint at Yuji’s unique ability? While the execution was impeccable and I trust the show will shed light on this twist, it certainly was an unexpected climax to an already riveting episode.

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